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My Family

There are six members in my family. I live with my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother and brother.


My father is 40 years old. His name is Mr. Tennakoon. He is an engineer. He goes to work at nine in the morning and returns at half past five in the evening. Then he helps me with my studies.


My mother is 35 years old. Her name is Mrs. Bavithra Tennakoon. She also works. She is a very good dancer and teaches dance in my school. My grandparents also live with us. My grandfather loves to read. He tells me lots of interesting stories from the lives of great men.


I love my family very much.





My Teddy Bear




· I have a little teddy bear.


· My uncle gave it to me on my birthday.

· It is pink in colour.

· It has a white mouth and white ears.


· It has white paws.

· Its name is Teddy.

· It eats and sleeps with me.

· I take Teddy with me to the park.

· We play many games together.

· I keep my teddy neat and tidy.






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